English Page

First, I wish to apologise for visitors.

My English ability is not sufficient for making English website.

But I want to share my knowledge and experience

about Asian nightlife.


★About me

From 2010, I write and sell e-BOOKs on Asian nightlife.

I visited many Asian cities and was trying to enjoy

various kinds of nightlife spots.

Then I experienced ‘Sexual activity’

with hundreds of Asian Ladies.


This website started in 2010.

Here, I share a part of my experiences.

And introduce experiences of readers and customers.


★My Guidebooks

My e-BOOKs title is ‘Nightlife-Guidebook-For-Male’.

It includes

・Photos (outside,inside,some ladies)

・Movies when I visited

・Original google-maps of all introduced places


and descriptions about HOW-TO-ENJOY activity there.



・Business hours

・Number of ladies

・Level of ladies

・Experiences of readers and customers


★Series of e-BOOKs

・Jakarta (Indonesia)

・Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

・Manila (Philippines)

・Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

・Bali (Indonesia)

・Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

・Yangon (Myanmar)

・Siem Reap  (Cambodia)

・Bekasi and Cikalang (Indonesia)

・Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

・Surabaya (Indonesia)


Nevertheless all of my e-BOOKs are for Japanese only now.

Later I wish to write in English.