Ho Chi Minh

・General way to enjoy Ho-Chi-Minh night


Many European, American, Australian visit Ho Chi Minh.

They enjoy drinking until midnight at traveler’s area.

(BUI VIEN Street, district 1)

And some of them are off to disco after drinking.


・I want to ask you

You do satisfy with drinking and dancing only?

Don’t you want to taste Vietnamese ladies?


Surely, on BUI VIEN Street, you can find

cute Vietnamese in front of some BARs.

After drinking, you can take out of her.


But before taking out, she asks you many drinks.

The price of drink is 95,000VND each. (Almost 5USD)

Taking out fee is 75USD for short-time.


And you have another choice.

There are 2 disco on Bui Vien Street.

‘Crazy Buffalo’ and ‘Go2’


You can see a few ‘Freelancer’ there.

But you must wait until 24:00 for fishing.


However, under Vietnam law you can’t stay with a local lady.

Many hotels refuse ‘visitor-lady’.

(It’s written in my guidebook which hotel is possible.)

In that case, she Induces you cheap hotel near Bui Vien Street.

Usually need 5USD for short time staying.

But please don’t expect cleanliness.


・Japanese way

Do you  believe that 75USD is a reasonable price?

We Japanese and Koreans like to go to bro*hels.

Brot*els in Ho Chi Minh mimic to SPA or barber.


Young and cute Vietnamese ladies are waiting there.

Cost is 40USD (1 hour, making lo*e only)

or 60USD ( 90 minutes, Massage and making l*ve).

This is a video I took on one of SPA . (closed already)


There are some advantages, I think.


  1. All services are finished in the SPA room.

 If you have a companion on your trip, what will you do?

If your hotel  refuses ‘visitor-lady’, what will you do?

SPA rooms are clean enough.


 2. Business hours are from 10 AM until midnight.

Ho Chi Minh City has few tourist attractions.

And it is hard to walk around sightseeing spots

because sometimes too hot, sometimes rains heavily.


  3. Systematic

You don’t need to worry about communications.

You know, we Japanese can’t speak English well.

But in bro*hels you don’t need negotiation.




There are a lot of massage shop in Ho Chi Minh,

especially in ‘traveler’s area’.

Before I tried one of them.

2 hours massage needs 20USD in VIP room.

Then therapist requested 25USD for HJ,

without taking off clothes.


Japanese way needs only 40USD for making lo*e.

Do you want to pay 45USD for HJ?


・Why not write detailed information


Vietnamese police are monitoring the Internet.

They are always cracking down bro*hels.

In fact, many bro*hels were forced to close down

in these 4 years.


Episode of bro*hels in Ho Chi Minh


( To be continued )