This article is a different genre than usual.

This is the story telling from a blog reader.


BAR for men who like men is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The name of the shop is GENERATIONS BAR.

The bar is at 174ST., opposite RICHILY BOUTIQUE HOTEL.


This bar will open around 5 o’clock in the evening.

A cute boy at the entrance will call for you.

I am not interested, but I come into bar as I call out everyday.


There were a bar counter, a table seat and a stage inside.

Among the counters was a very beautiful young bartender.

He looked so handsome that it was no wonder that it appeared in Thai TV drama.

All the other staffs were slim, young adolescents.


One elderly white man was sitting next to two young boys at the table seat.

They talked happily.


A boy who always calls me tells me a smile, so I deal with him a drink.

He is sitting beside me happy.


On the other side of the counter, an older white man sits all by himself.


Three men came in from the outside of the shop.

They are dancers.

The show is 3 days a week.

It is taken from 9.30 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.


Eventually the stage was brightly illuminated.

Smoke starts to blow vigorously toward the stage.

It firstly appeared in accordance with large acoustic music is a slender and tall dancer.

He danced strongly with a bondage fashion.

In addition, he jumped out of the stage and danced on the auditorium’s floor.

Every time he widens his feet 180 degrees widely and poses, a big applause will take place from inside the hall.


A man sitting in the corner of the counter is moving to the front of the stage with the camera in hand.

He is really vivid!


But it is a strange world to me.

That’s why I left the bar.

My beer was $ 3.75, and his cocktail was $4 and cheap.

The owner of BAR is German.